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Turkish Prayer Rug Manufacturers

We produce the cheapest prayer rugs in Turkey. Our prayer rugs weigh 500 and 550 grams and are manufactured in Istanbul. We always welcome our customers to visit our factory. Due to the minimum profit margin in low-cost products, the minimum order quantity is high. Please take this into consideration. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

About Our Prayer Rugs:

Let us provide you with more details about our prayer rugs. Our prayer rugs are carefully designed and intricately crafted, offering high quality and durability. Each prayer rug is designed to provide comfort for people of all ages and enhance the prayer experience.

Our Quality:

We use skin-friendly and soft-touch premium fabrics as materials. The intricate patterns on our prayer rugs are meticulously woven, creating a visually appealing and spiritually inspiring experience.


Our production facility in Istanbul is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and operated by expert craftsmen. We take pride in our efficient production process, which allows us to offer prayer rugs at competitive prices.


While affordability is our focus, we never compromise on quality. Our prayer rugs undergo meticulous inspections to ensure they meet the highest standards before reaching our customers. We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful and affordable prayer rug that enriches their spiritual practices.

Whether you are an individual looking for a personal prayer rug or a retailer interested in bulk orders, we can cater to your needs. Please contact us, and our dedicated team will be happy to assist you with suggestions or orders.

We are excited to serve you and provide the best prayer rugs that combine quality, affordability, and spiritual richness. Contact us today to explore our range of prayer rug varieties and experience the excellence we offer.




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