Ela Prayer Rugs

Prayer Rug Made from Natural Fibers

Perfect Texture, Long-lasting Durability

We have meticulously designed this prayer rug to ensure your comfort during every prayer. Made from 100% natural fibers, this prayer rug offers a soft texture and durable structure, making your prayers more comfortable. Combining both aesthetic appeal and functionality, this rug maintains its quality for years.

Key Features:

Natural Materials: Crafted entirely from natural fibers, it is skin-friendly and healthy.

Perfect Texture: The special weaving technique provides a smooth and soft surface.

Long-lasting: High-quality fibers and meticulous craftsmanship ensure durability and resistance to wear.

Elegant Design: Adorned with traditional motifs, it offers a graceful and stylish appearance.

Easy to Clean: Its stain-resistant surface makes cleaning exceptionally easy.

This prayer rug, which enhances your worship experience, is designed to please users of all ages and tastes. It is a perfect gift option for yourself or your loved ones, combining quality and comfort.

Dimensions: 70x110 cm
Dimensions: 80x120cm

Color Options: Cream, Blue, Green, Burgundy

If you seek a natural and healthy touch in your prayers, you should definitely try this special prayer rug.

Ela 272 - Elegant Prayer Rug Woven with Natural Fibers


Ela 272 - Elegant Prayer Rug Woven with Natural Fibers

Enhance Your Prayer with Nature's TouchEla 272 is a premium prayer rug woven with natural fibers. It's designed to make your prayers more meaningful and comfortable. This elegant prayer rug features aesthetic designs inspired by traditional motifs.Ke..

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